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Mainstream And Cold-feed Cavities

- Sep 10, 2018 -

Mainstream Road It is a passage connecting the injection moulding machine nozzle to the shunt or cavity in the mold. The top of the main road is concave to connect with the nozzle. The main channel inlet diameter should be slightly larger than the nozzle diameter (0.8mm) to avoid overflow, and prevent the two due to the failure of the interception. The diameter of imports depends on the size of the product, generally 4-8mm.

The main channel diameter should be enlarged to the angle of 3° to 5°, in order to release the manifold material.

Cold Material cavity It is a cavity located at the end of the main road to trap the cold material produced between the two injections at the tip of the nozzle, thus preventing blockage of the runner or gate. If the cold material is mixed into the cavity, it is easy to produce internal stress in the manufactured product. The diameter of the cold cavity is about 8-10mm, and the depth is 6mm. For ease of release, the bottom is often borne by the release lever. The top of the release lever should be designed as a zigzag hook or sunken groove so that the main road can be pulled out smoothly when demoulding.

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