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Description of the function of mold parts2

- Jan 07, 2019 -

Sprue bushing 

The sprue sleeve is the part that allows the molten plastic material to be injected into the mold from the nozzle of the injection molding machine. If the nozzle contact part of the sprue sleeve is not processed in a high-precision way to match the shape of the front part of the nozzle of the injection molding machine, the plastic raw materials will leak out during the injection molding.


When the product has chamfering Angle, before taking out the product, it is necessary to move the forming product's inverted entry, and then take the product out of the mold.  There are also cases where you set the pins inside the slider.

Limit block

Limit the slide block on the side, in order to prevent the slide block back after the resin filling pressure and the locking parts.

slider angle pin

The diagonal guide post is the post that causes the slide block to slide.

guide pillar

The front plate and the back plate have guide posts and guide sleeves passing through

Guide column and guide sleeve refers to the guide parts used for the accurate positioning of moving die and fixed die. If the cavity is not accurately aligned and positioned when the die is closed, it will damage the forming parts such as sub-parts.


The formwork on the fixed side is maintained and the guide column is movable

Use hardened steel with high surface hardness and durability

pull rod
In the mold parting, to ensure that the mold opening distance, and open the action to other templates.


Thimble plate sensor

Confirm the mould action and feedback the mould information to the control mechanism of the forming machine. The forming machine will not proceed to the next action until it has received the information. If the slider passes over the ejector, the ejector must return to the position before ejection when the slider passes over the ejector. By setting the thimble board sensor, if the thimble moves abnormally and does not return to the position before the ejection, an abnormal message will be sent, and then the next clamping action will not be carried out(mold with sliders).

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