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Description of the function of mold parts1

- Dec 22, 2018 -

Set mold base plate

-Fixed mold base plate is the mold plate fixed on the molding machine.

-It has the function of maintaining the fixed mold template and positioning ring.

stripper plate(Three board mould)

-stripper plate is between the fixed mold base plate and the fixed mold template.

ficed bolster plate (front plate A)

-Generally there is a cooling pipe through.

moving bolster plate (after plate B)

-Support plate, square iron is fixed on board B by screws.

Support plate

-The support panel is used to increase the strength of the push panel's controls.

-The plate is provided with a thimble, a guide post, a guide sleeve and a reset spring.

Push plate fixed plate

-Keep thimble, cylinder and thimble guide sleeve.

Moving mould plate

-The mould is fixed on the forming machine to move the plate on the worktable surface.

Heat shield

-The purpose of using the heat insulation board is to prevent excessive heat emission of the mold to ensure the stability of the temperature of the mold, so as to ensure the stable quality of the formed products.

Locating ring

-Positioning ring is the part used to quickly connect the center of injection nozzle and the center of mold gate sleeve after the mold is installed on the injection molding machine. The hole of the machine plate of the forming machine has been normalized.

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