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Introduction of Injection Mold2

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Introduction of Injection Mold

Seven systems of injection molding: Gating system, guiding system, Shaping system,exhaust  system, ejection system, cooling system and  core-pullingsystem.

1.Gating system: mainstream, shunt, gate, cold well

2.Guide system: guide pillar, guide sleeve, positioning block

3.Molding System: Mold Kernel, Insert

4.Exhau stsystem: slider, diagonal pin

5.Ejection system: ejector pin, ejector block

6.Cooling system: heat dissipation of die itself, water cooling

7.Core pulling  system: fit clearance of die inserts, ejector pin fit clearance, additional vent groove


Gating system

Shunt channel: where plastic flows to different cavities

Mainstream Road: Plastic from the beginning of the molding machine into the place where the mold flows through.

Gate: The last place where plastic flows before it reaches the cavity.

Refrigeration well: Plastics will heat transfer and solidify with the die when flowing through the main channel and the shunt channel, where the solidified material will be stored before entering the cavity.


Guide system

in the process of mold opening and closing, due to the tolerance of mold manufacturing and installation, the mold will have a certain displacement. When the mold is closing, it needs to be able to run to the most original position, so it needs to be guided, that is, the guide system of the mold


Molding system

Closed space formed by male and female molds, inserts, etc.


core-pulling system


Ejection system

the ejection rod of the forming machine is put on the ejection plate of the die, and the ejection plate drives the ejection pin, ejector block, oblique pin, etc. to push the product away from the male or female die, so that the product can be separated from the die.


Cooling system

The die itself is a large cooling system. For better cooling, a group or groups of waterways are usually processed on the die. The cooling water path is usually twice the diameter of the product. Cooling water is not necessarily cold water, depending on the mold temperature, it can also be 100 degrees of water, sometimes need to be cooled with hot oil.


Exhaust system

The fit clearance between the parts is the exhaust system of the die. When these clearances can not meet the requirements, additional exhaust slots are needed, as shown in the following figure.


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