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Plastic molding die

- Sep 10, 2018 -

Both compression molding and injection molding are both structural die types. They are mainly used to form a type of thermosetting plastic mold, the corresponding equipment is a pressure molding machine. Compression molding method According to the plastic characteristics, the mold is heated to the molding temperature (generally in the 103°-108°), and then the metering of the plastic powder into the mold cavity and feeding room, closed mold, plastic in high heat, under the action of softening viscous flow, after a certain time after curing stereotypes, become the desired product shape. Pressure injection molding and compression molding is different from a separate feeding room, molding before the mold closed, plastic in the feeding room to complete the preheating of the viscous flow, under pressure to adjust the mold cavity, hardening molding. Compression molds are also used to form certain special thermoplastics such as hard-to-melt thermoplastics (such as poly (vinyl fluoride) blanks (cold forming), resin lenses with high optical properties, and slightly foamed nitrocellulose steering wheels. Plastic mold mainly by the cavity, feeding cavity, guiding mechanism, the introduction of components, heating systems and other components. Injection molds are widely used in the packaging of electrical components. The materials used in the manufacturing of plastic molds are basically the same as the injection molds.

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