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Basic knowledge of mold

- Dec 18, 2018 -

Two plate mold

The two half molds are also called single parting surface molds, with only one PL surface. The molds are divided into fixed side box and moving side.


- the structure is simpler than that of three-plate mold and hot runner mold.

-Gate form has side gate, straight gate, subsurface gate and so on.

-If the water inlet is used, the product and the water inlet can be automatically divided, without the need for one-step processing of the water inlet.

Three plate mold

Three plate mold is also known as double parting surface injection mold, there are two parting surface, a parting surface to take out the product, a parting surface to take out the water gap. It is divided into three parts: fixed side, movable side and water gap plate.


- the product is separated from the nozzle at the time of ejection, suitable for automatic production.


Hot runner mold


- no discharge of runner material, only take out forming products, no need of  water gap treatment device.

-In general, the main and shunt channels can be heated by a heater.

-Suitable for automatic mass production.


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